Luminary Suite with Bathtub

Luminary Suite with Bathtub

Inside the structure it was decided to create a corner dedicated to relaxation and intimacy as a couple. The realization of a dream began with a complete restyling of the Suite. Typical Apulian lights, a miniature sound box, original cement tiles (Apulian decorated tiles) from the early twentieth century have taken the place of the previous furnishings, creating a truly unique and surreal atmosphere. In the center of the room, the high and soft maple wood bed appears triumphant, with an infinite corolla of pillows to make your sleep comfortable and pleasant. On the side, there are Art Nouveau bedside tables and hairdressers, to make everything even more vintage and give the guest a unique and unrepeatable experience. The abajour lights are of different types depending on the atmosphere you intend to create: soft red-purple or bold warm white. In the center of the vault, however, a rose window of single-colour lights appears triumphant to light up the entire Suite and enjoy every single detail. But what makes the room truly special is the environment with the hydromassage tub. Very original floor, exposed frontal mosaic of Apulian tiles with central light suffused by an ancient sieve. Bathtub entry handles also recovered from wooden rods and chairs as towel holders, shelves made with ancient cloth scrubbers and a relaxation bench. The tub, which has luxury two-seater dimensions, offers a diversified hot/cold hydromassage service, chromotherapy and ionotherapy for an absolute moment of well-being dedicated to guests. It is equipped with all the options for perfect use: en-suite bathroom furnished in retro style, with large two-seater shower, air conditioning, central heating, wi-fi, smart TV, mini bar.

The history of ‘940

The bedside tables and bed are the result of painstaking restoration work, as is the "curtain wardrobe" made with recycled wood material and adorned with a macramé lace curtain with an antique flavour. If you then look up you will be fascinated by the exposed vault, completely restored and enhanced by an ancient hand-painted ceramic chandelier. There is no shortage of collector’s items to delight the eyes and mind of those who stay there, such as the ancient “comb” complete with silver brushes and magazines of the time. A delight for whoever will occupy it! Even the bathroom is not without particularities and sui generis comforts, such as the large two-seater shower. The gilded brass shield mirror, the appliques and the pandance chandelier are the result of a search for the ancient like the robe holder made from an antique brass hatbox with curls in relief. The fruit boxes painted white and adorned with lace thus become particular and spacious towel holders, as does the white wrought iron tripod used as a wash basin with basin and tin jug.



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