Novecento R&B Puglia - A unique experience

The Novecento Room & Breakfast is located at Via Tito Speri number 15, right in the old town center of the historic city of Massafra in a building built at the very beginning of the last century. Its ancient architecture, of peasant origins, tells of the typical needs of the time, such as “Monacella” style kitchens, old niches, terraces, small gardens, wells and numerous arches that rise almost extemporaneously, as if everything was built according to what was needed at the time. With the spirit of those who are carried away by this ancient simplicity, the entire R&B was derived, a kind of re-enactment, a tribute to that simple lifestyle full of values, made up of people, scents, tastes, warmth and simple words expressed with a sincere heart. Dishes, linen racks, paintings, olive ladders, forks and rakes are transformed into furniture elements, wooden crates as shelves, old country doors as headboards, antique sieves as chandeliers, record players, antique radios, dressers, lace and lace embellish every corner, tear a smile, rekindle a memory. Novecento offers the unique, unobtainable and unrepeatable experience of returning to a time when the world flowed slowly and people could still afford to smile.


House Rules

Check-in: from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Unless otherwise required, it is possible to check in independently using a secret code.

Check-out: by 10 a.m. and unless otherwise agreed in advance

Free cancellation