Romantic Room ‘930

Romantic Room ‘930

It is the room located on the mezzanine level of the ancient vault that surrounded the stable below. Its creation is the result of particular architectural and engineering work carried out in order to maintain its original appearance unchanged while giving it added value. The room has two beds (double bed), bathroom, air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, safe.

The history of ‘930

Set in a triduum of centuries-old arches and vaults, the imposing, completely wooden bed with very high tread and headboard is the central point of the room. It is even more enhanced by the embroidery of the bedspread, enriched with lace and lace and placed on parquet, dating back to the 1930s and later. The remains of the centuries-old vault have been brought back to face, giving life to a large natural shelf on which a palette of bright colors of the flowering fields shows off. Passing through an opening in the vault (you cross the heart of it) you enter the anteroom where on the front wall a weave of leaves and flowers in pastel colors comes to life, enriched with an oval bronze mirror and an Old England style sink. Entering the particular bathroom is the mosaic shower completely created in the ancient vault!! All this gives the room a particular and comfortable intimacy which makes it particularly suitable for romantic evenings and stays of a thousand and one nights.



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