Borghese room 940

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Camera Borghese 940

Borghese Room 940
On the upper floor there is a real suite of the year 1940 and in absolute high-bourgeois style of the time. The tones of the amaranth color are recalled in every detail: from the bedspread to the curtain, from the chandelier to the hood and where the eyes inevitably fall on the decorations of the concrete bricks of the bedroom, left in the original pose.

The house has:

Three beds, including a double bed and a sofa bed located in the same room;
Independent kitchen complete with hob and fridge;
Air conditioning;



Bedside tables and bed are the result of painstaking restoration work as well as the “curtain cabinet” made with recycled wood material and adorned with an antique flavor macramé lace curtain. If, then, you look up, you will be fascinated by the completely restored vaulted ceiling and enhanced by an ancient hand-painted ceramic chandelier. Collectibles are not lacking to brighten the eyes and mind of those who stay there, like the ancient “comb” equipped with silver brushes and magazines of the time. A delight for those who will occupy it! Even the bathroom is not without particularities and comfort sui generis, such as the large two-seater shower. The gilded brass shield mirror, the appliques and the pandance chandelier, are the result of an ancient research such as the robe hook made from an antique brass hatbox with curls in relief. The fruit boxes painted in white and adorned with laces thus become particular and capacious towel racks, as well as the tripod in white wrought iron used as a sink with basin and tin jug. Even the kitchen is a real gem! From the table to the plate, from the hob completely made with recycled material to the furniture for cutlery and cookware, all absolutely unique and particular in terms of genre and construction. At the top right shows an old “Minerva” television completely emptied and used as a frame for a picture from the Apulian landscape of ancient olive trees. On the left there is an EPAL EUR platform plate with ladles and cookware in copper and brass dating back to the early 1900s. In short, seeing the sunlight filter through the windows with amaranth curtains corresponds to the room an aura of magic perfectly suited to any type of living room.