Novecento Room &Breakfast is located in a house dated back to the early 1900s and situated in the historical part of town in Massafra.
The old farmhouse was first used as a rural-peasant dwelling reflecting the typical needs of the period, as it appears from the vaults and arches that hosted the classical “Monachella” kitchen style, old alcoves, terraces, little gardens and well-tanks.

The whole structure reflects the early ‘900s, as a matter of fact, old tools and items of that period have today become, essential elements of the ordinary lifestyle: fruit cases used as plate racks, laundry baskets or beautiful picture frames; olive ladders, wooden gallows and rakes have become bathroom towel racks; old rural doors with wrought iron latches and door-arches converted into bed heads; transparent glass containers used for storing legumes are today wonderful ornamental wall lamps; old sieves become chandeliers, picture frames created with old decorated cement bricks; old record players offer 1950’s music; vintage consoles decorate the 1920’s bedsides enriched with laceworks and steel beds used as tables and benches….

In short, Novecento R&B is the perfect place for diving in the past of our traditions and enjoying, in a complete unusual way, the surroundings and the culture without giving up all the comforts that accommodation facilities should offer. Living Massafra just for a few days or for longer periods of time using the B&B rooms or the wonderful apartment, will immediately offer to those who walk through the old main door, an unexpected urge to explore the surroundings due most of all to the view from the panoramic terrace of the Novecento R&B of the dome of the Cathedral of Massafra.