Nobiliary Room 950

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Nobiliary Room 950

Remember the impressive royal bedrooms. The gold color predominates in the curtains and furnishings. The canopy placed on the bed gives the room an almost “real” importance! The furnishings, especially the dresser and bedside tables, have been restored and finished meticulously following the workings of the time. We are in 1950 when the turntables and radios appear and these, original and fully functional, accompanied by a wide choice of discs welcome the guest and wish him a wonderful stay.

The house has:

Three beds, including a double bed and a sofa bed located in the same room;
Small hob with fridge;
Air conditioning;
Panoramic balcony.



The ancient vaulted ceiling and a retro-style chandelier are the completion of a very particular optical effect and … while walking on a concrete floor with very rare and absolutely refined decorations, you are fascinated by the imposing light that transpires from the panoramic balcony on the historical center. The kitchenette, located in the same room, remains discreet and almost invisible to the eyes by a precious separè drapery. Entering the bathroom you can admire the resonance of the gold-ocher color on the walls and admire crates of fruit of natural color filled with the pure white of the towels; the shield mirror and the ceramic appliques enhance its refinement and taste in the renovation of antiques.