Peasant Room 960

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Peasant Room 960

It seems to enter Domenico Modugno’s old song of 1960 “In the blue painted blue”, because all the details, the furnishings, the curtains are of the color of the sea and the sky that distinguishes our land, so a few steps from the coast Jonic and so fertile and welcoming.

The house has:

A double bed;
Air conditioning;
Panoramic balcony.



Even in this room, the past is already smelling behind the front door, rediscovering itself in the colored plaid blankets worked by our grandmothers and tied by hand “tile by tile”, the colored boxes hung to become towel holders and many other details. Nothing is left to chance, everything in the room is cared for with a pinch of love and is reminiscent of the “Capri” style.